The team MaDRaven is an e-sports team currently affiliated with online gaming. We have been competing online for several years now. Although the clan was established the early year of 3 January 2014, the team has existed under other names and has competed in the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL). MaDRaven is the clan’s premier team. The team started small, with a goal of simply competing in the DGL and expanding our skill level while at the same time maintaining a jubilant attitude towards the game and its rivals.

This attitude has captivated many aspiring players, and it is the reason why the clan MaD Hatters was formed. We are proud to say that we have climbed the ladder and have reached the highest competitive league within the DGL – The Premier League.  Our determination and resilience have carried us this far, and we intend to win the Premier League and hopefully compete internationally. MaDRaven compete online via the game League of Legends.

MaDRaven is a Team, but we are also more. MaDRaven’s mission is to become one of the leading sources for eSports in League of Legends within South Africa. All our members must be dedicated and passionate. No team can rival our dedication than this one, and we aim to show that.

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  • Games: League of Legends.
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  • Achievements: Quater-finals DGC 2014, 5th DGL Premier Division winter leg 2014, 1st ICC DGL April 2014, 5th Premier Division DGL summer leg 2014, 3rd Group B DGC 2013, 1st Group B DGL Breakthrough Playoffs 2013, 1st Group F DGL Open Division winter leg 2013.
  • Gaming Leagues: Telkom Do Gaming League(DGL), Electronic Sports League(ESL), League of Legends South Africa(LoLinSA).
  • Youtube: