The Team “Knave of Hearts” was created from 4 main members, who have been playing together for almost a year, Jason Verwey (MaD SAINTL3DG3R), Dudley Pelser (MaD Nightbreeze), Reyneir Van Zyl (MaD Unicorn) and Shane Els (Death 2 Awaits) who moved to MaD Hatters looking for a clan that could motivate them to become better not only as a n individual player but as a team player.

Knave of Hearts has become stronger with the addition of a few key members, Gavin Bergess (Sir Benzington), Daniel Coleman (dewald69), Juan Van Der Berg (JR69), Sipho Motha (MaD borncharmerx) and Ryan Uren (Visions2Insanity).

The more games they all played together the better they became, great companionship and friendships were formed giving Knave of Hearts a great opportunity to become an even stronger team.

Knave of Hearts strives to become stronger, with daily training and strict game schedules being put together by their Captain (Jason Verwey) and Vice-Captain (Dudley Pelser) with the hopes of getting their team ready for the DGL tournament for this year (2015).

“The DGL tournament is one of our main goals at the moment, but a short team goal. Our main goal as any league player will tell you, is to become one of the top teams within South Africa, I think that being in a clan like the MaD Hatters is a great stepping stone to achieving our goal. With a strong dedicated team such as the one I have, I’m sure that any goals I set for the guys will be chased and achieved”. (Captain Jason Verwey)

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