Winter Leg Ending Soon

Winter Leg Ending Soon

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We say goodbye to yet another week in the Telkom Do Gaming League and we welcome week 7, the second last week in the Winter Leg before teams prepare for playoffs.  Teams are battling it out to secure their spot for the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) held at rAge.

It has been an interesting winter leg so far for MaD Hatters as most of our teams are competing in the competitive title, League of Legends.

Premier division:

MaD Raven

First division:

MaD Red Knights and MaD Paint Roses Red

Open division:

MaD Cheshire Claws and MaD Eaglet

We also have a DOTA 2 team in First division. This is their progress so far:

MaD BNB!st

Last but certainly not least we have 2 players participating in the Hearthstone title. MaD Arachne in premier division and MaD Visions2Insanity in open division. Both of them are doing well and we wish them the utter best!

MaD Arachne


MaD Visions2Insanity


If you have questions regarding DGL, what happens after winter leg or how playoffs work, have a look at DGL’s knowledge base. Didn’t find what you need? Visit the live support function or submit a ticket.

Practice hard and you will make it to the top. We would like to wish everyone competing in DGL good luck and have fun!


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  1. Soon…there will be no leg to stand on.

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