How Do I Signup?

The team captain must go to the link provided in the tournament announcement and click on the join button in the top right.

battlefy join

How Do I Arrange a Match?

Your next match will appear on the BattleFy sidebar to the right.

next match

Clicking on the next match will take you to the match page where you can communicate with your opponent.

get code

You can also contact the captain using the summoner name provided. The captain will have a white filled star next to his name on the team roster.

battlefy team roster

Also BattleFy is mobile friendly so you can arrange your matches anywhere anytime.

battlefy mobile

How Do I Get and Use Tournament Codes?

Just follow the guide on tournament codes found here.

How Do I Submit Results?

Match results will automatically be updated when the tournament code is used correctly.

What Screenshots and links are needed?

Screenshots and links of the following must be taken and kept for 14 days after the tournament ends.

1. A screenshot of the end of game lobby.

2. A match history link to the game.

LoL_match history

LoL_match history_Web