The Tournament Code provides the easiest way to play a League of Legends MaD tournament match. It automates all League of Legends matches played in a MaD tournament. Tournament Code is easy to use! Simply copy the Tournament Code to your League of Legends client. The client will automatically send you to the match lobby with the right opponents and match settings. After the match, the League of Legends client automatically reports the match result and the lineup from both teams to the BattleFy servers.

Step 1: 

Login to BattleFy and click on your next match on the sidebar to the right of BattleFy.

  next match

Step 2:

Once all players from both teams are online and ready to play copy the tournament code and follow the instructions in the image below.

code instructions

Step 3:

Play the match.

play the match

Step 4:

View the results.

battlefy results