Are there any rules in MaD Hatters?

Yes. MaD Hatters do not endorse actions that contravene your respective games’ EULA and rules. Additionally we do not endorse cheating, exploiting or utilisation of any other methods which provide an unfair advantage. MaD Hatters play by the rules. In fact, in order to become a MaD Hatters member, you must read and agree to the MaD Hattters:

i. Code of Conduct
ii. Agreed Usage Policy
iii. Forum & Server Guidelines

MaD Hatters has a good reputation in the wider community and we want to keep it that way! Abusing or insulting other gamers or MaD Hatters members in a game, or in forums, is not appreciated and will not be tolerated if done repeatedly.

Keep your cool; if your team member stuffs up, keep perspective and remember it’s only a game.

We take our gaming seriously at MaD Hatters, but not at the expense of other members or players, not everyone has the same levels of skill and nor should it be expected. We play and compete for the fun and enjoyment of the game. We do however have teams for those who want to play with a more committed or competitive team.

We understand that real life has a habit of getting in the way, and that we use games for the fun and relaxation of it all. We all swear occasionally, and yes it happens during matches when frustrated by narrowly missing an objective. We just don’t want this to become the only memory of the game.

Keep your swearing to a minimum, when using voice communication software – be aware there might be kids in the background at your team-mates house! We also expect a certain amount of ‘decency’ in the way that you play and conduct yourself in multiplayer games. This cannot easily be described in a set of rules, and it is not our intention to curb anyone’s enjoyment of a game by requiring that they play in a certain style, but we do expect our members to ‘play fair’. If, after joining MaD Hatters, you are thinking of doing something in a game that you aren’t sure is within the spirit of our community, or the game, then please ask your fellow players opinions first, because your actions may reflect on all of us. Being part of a community has a great benefit and will give you a lot of enjoyment, but it also brings some responsibility. Intentionally breaching the AUP and Code of conduct regarding behaviour on servers will leave us no choice but to remove you from MaD Hatters.