rAge 2015 Passed on too soon!

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rAge has come and it has gone…Within a blink of an eye, this well-known gaming Expo has passed.


A lot of things happend this year at rAge. One of them being the Telkom Digital Gaming League Championships (DGC). This year MaD Hatters had 2 members attending this event. Ryan “Arachne” Norden and Andrew “PenguinZA” Hodginskin.


Ryan was competing in DGL throughout the year and secured his spot at DGC. He was invited to play at the championships, rewarding all his hard work, well hard play. Ryan was interviewed by Andrew himself after winning 3-0 vs Bloodsloth. Congratulations to Ryan for making it this far!



We are also proud to annoucne that Andrew was a Hearthstone caster at DGC 2015. He did an amazing job and we want to congratulate him on his performance!



Thank you Stefanie Fourie for allowing us to use these pictures taken at DGC.

DGC PenguinZA PenguinZA DGC


Congratulations to everyone who participated at DGC. It is truly an honor to be part of such an event. Brody Ghostr Vernon compiled this awesome DGC video. Thanks Brody! You are indeed a bro 😀



rAge is not just about gaming. The Expo was crazy busy and there were cosplayers everywhere showing off their months of hard work and dedication. Gaming enthusiasts seeking around for the hidden ASUS laptop (and what a seek it was!) and people queuing up for days to play the latest games!

Morgana Cosplay LoL
Thank you GES-SA for this picture! Morgana cosplay- https://www.facebook.com/giantshevcosplay?fref=ts
group photo
Thank you Lensbox Studios for this picture!


Where you at rAge?? What are your opinions?

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