Questions Questions…Q&A with Luna

Questions Questions…Q&A with Luna

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Today we bring you an exclusive interview with the lady behind the madness of the new clan logo. Mandé du Plessis of team MaD Alice’s Dystopia.

She was tasked with designing the logo and banner for our newly unveiled website. The logo is stunning, alluring and is uniquely mesmerizing, which is exactly what Mad Hatters is all about! Let us take a deeper look into what emerged from our fateful encounter.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I always struggle with questions like these, because it feels like some job application or interview. So hello, I am LunaMeow, or just Luna for short, and I am currently studying B.A Fine Arts and Art history at the University of the Free State. I’m currently in my third year and progressing to do my honours and masters degree in Art History.

Of coursethere is this academical Luna, but then there is also the Game loving metalhead Luna that finds inspiration for her art not only in people, but in games, music and literature. Fun fact: I have a tea collection of about 40 different types of tea, and before I am asked again, yes I do drink every single blend that I own. So if a nutshell was an effective way of storing small amounts of information, then there you have it.

What inspiration did you draw from when creating the logo/banner?

Ofcourse I thought of a theme related to the Alice in Wonderland tale, especially towards the Cheshire Cat, after all we are all MaD here. I think the thing that inspired me most was the dark and mystical backdrop of the website, Tulgey Wood. That’s why the font, (which is not a downloadable thing, I drew that by hand), is almost spiderweb inspired.

Explain the idea behind logo?

MaD Hatters logo

Since the clan’s previous logo was a top hat, I thought I would continue with the Cheshire Cat theme and make the hat a bit more sinister and intimidating. So I didn’t really create  something new, I just tweaked an already splendid idea. No credit there.




Explain the banner?

The banner had to contain the full team name, and as I stated earlier I drew inspiration from the backdrop of the website. Not only for the theme but for the colours used in the Cheshire Cat on the first letter. The webbed design of the letters are also slightly chaotic and I would never be able to redraw them like that ever again, so it is extremely unique, just like every single person in this clan.

MaD Hatters Banner

What were the difficult parts of creating the logo/banner?

I think the most difficult aspect was the size ratio that I had to work with and the amount of math involved in getting it to look right in the spot allocated for it on the website. Another difficult aspect was the attempt to stick to one program for drawing this. I jumped between Photoshop, SumoPaint and Illustrator a lot, creating small segments in each and then meshing them together to get a final product.

Being an artist, what tools would you recommend to others who wish to create other works similar to the logo?

Personally I think any aspiring artist should know how to be proficient in using your Adobe Creative Suite, which includes programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. For logo’s personally if you want something clean and crisp, I would suggest using Illustrator. If you want a more organic feel to your logo and you want to add some painterly effects to it, I would use Photoshop or SumoPaint. I use a drawing tablet, a Wacom Bamboo tab. If you want to work digitally I would strongly advise investing in one of those.

What is your favourite artwork from League of Legends and why?

Like most people I am completely in love with the recently released cinematic: A New Dawn. I think my favourite splash art and in-game character design would have to be Lulu, especially the Winter Wonder Lulu, 90% because she has a flying Poro and 10% because light blue is my favourite colour.

Hypothetically speaking, If MaD Hatters had its very own League of Legends champion, what art & design concepts would you implement on it? (Aside from the cat)?

Aside from my love for cats, I also have a very special place for rabbits. Taking that into consideration and my love for all things metal, I would design a character that has big rabbit ears and cute fluffy tail and the he wields a big scythe, because according to some folklore the rabbit was cursed by the moon goddess after she sent him to give immortality to the human race and the rabbit failed to complete the task, so he was doomed to forever transport the souls of the dead into the ground, which is why they dig little burrows.

A grim reaper rabbit I think would be the coolest character. Hopefully I can play him support. I think design wise, I would make him small, like yordle size, if you know the Death of Rats from the Discworld series then you would completely understand my love for something like this. He would wear a dark cloak, but he would have an adorable face, because rabbits are dark but adorable. Also ice blue eyes. Maybe he should summon little souls to fight at his side or something. This is exciting stuff I need to see this happen. Rito please.

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