March of the Cards#2 is coming!

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Get your decks ready! The MaD Queen requested yet another Hearthstone tournament! Due to the popularity of March of the Cards#1, we decided that March of the Cards#2 will be hosted on the 31st of August. For more information with regards to March of the Cards#2, please click here.

March of the Cards #1 was a massive success and thanks to all your feedback, we made March of the Cards #2 even bigger and better. We increased the player cap from a previous 32 to a 64 player base. To make things even more interesting, we added some amazing prizes. Thanks to Braccianos e-Sports Lounge and Schneider Electric, we are giving away an APC BX1400UI Back-UPS as the first place prize. Together with these prizes, players will receive a free “DeeTwenty Day Pass” worth R45 from DeeTwenty Geeking Venue. Check out the prizes for this tournament:

1st – APC BX1400UI Back-UPS  + 1  “DeeTwenty Day Pass”

2nd place – R300 + “DeeTwenty Day Pass”

3rd place – R200 + 1  “DeeTwenty Day Pass”

4th place – R100 + 1  “DeeTwenty Day Pass”

5th – 8th place – 1 Hearthstone booster pack code per player + 1  “DeeTwenty Day Pass”


Assisting us with the tournament with regards to streaming and casting is:

Ryan “Arachne” Norden

Andrew “PenguinZA” Hodgkinson

Francois “Fafa” Mouton

Dale “Pand3m0nia” Pon


March of the Cards#2 starts on the 31st of August. You can join the Facebook event page here. Please note that by joining the Facebook event page, does not automatically register you for this tournament. On the Facebook page, we will keep you guys updated on any changes made to the tournament. To register for March of the Cards #2, please click here.


We would like to thank each and every person involved in our tournaments and to everyone helping us making it such a success. A special thanks to Braccianos e-Sports Lounge, Schneider Electric and DeeTwenty Geeking Venue for sponsoring such amazing prizes! Give them some love:


Bracchianos Facebook Page

Schneider Electric Facebook Page

Deetwenty Geeking Venue


If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment in the section below. Hope to see you all at March of the Cards #2!

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“Welcome! Boys, make some room by the hearth, won’t you?”- The Innkeeper

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