MaD Hatters taking on DGL 2015 by storm!

MaD Hatters taking on DGL 2015 by storm!

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It is that time of the year where players, friends and pro’s from all over the country get together to take part in the annual tournament, the Telkom Do Gaming League. 

This year, MaD Hatters entered 11 League of Legends teams, 1 Xbox One Call of Duty team and 1 DOTA 2 team into the tournament for DGL 2015. This will be an interesting year for MaD Hatters. MaD Hatters were known for their League of Legends teams, but as we grew into a bigger gaming community, we expanded into other competitive titles such as Call of Duty and DOTA 2. More news on these two teams soon!

It’s been three weeks into Summer Leg DGL 2015 and all the players are very excited! Meet the teams :)

MaD Hatters Participants in DGL

Game Open Division First Division Premier Division
League of Legends MaDRed Knight MaDWhite Knights MaDRaven
  MaDPaint Roses Red    
  MaDAlice’s Underland    
  MaDAlice’s Chalice    
  MaDCheshire’s Claws    
  MaDWhite Rabbit    
  MaDAlice’s Dystopia    
  MaDKnave of Hearts    
Xbox1 CoD:AW MaDVague    
DotA 2   MaDBƝB!st  
Hearthstone MaD Hunterz MaD Hellshound MaD Arachne


Week three already started and it will be interesting to see the progress of all the teams and how they compete in DGL. As the weeks past by…we take one step closer to the Telkom Do Gaming Championships, held in October at the Coco Cola Dome. Work hard and it will pay off :) 

We would like to wish everyone good luck and have fun in DGL!

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  1. By Storm? More like by Swarm! :)

  2. Wish all gamers an enthralling and competitive season!!! Hats on and enjoy!!!

  3. Just wish people would stop choosing 450 ip champs xD

  4. Amazing! I wish nothing but the best for each and every team ^^ Have fun!

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