Lights, Camera…Celebrity Gaming

Lights, Camera…Celebrity Gaming

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There has been a trend in gaming that has developed recently. There is a higher frequency of celebrities in blockbuster games of late.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare starring Kevin Spacey!!! He puts on a marvelous virtual performance in the game. Beyond two souls was an epic success too, with two very good actors at the helm. Celebrities open the prospect of gaming being promoted to a larger audience especially to those people who have not discovered gaming. But as a gamer do you feel excited or exasperated when seeing a famous person in your gaming world?


Since I can remember, gaming has always been unique and imaginative. The idea of stepping into a new medium, and creating memories of a world that we can only explore behind our PC. The point I’m getting at is that gaming takes us away from the “real world” for a brief moment, having a celebrity appear on monitor is somewhat bringing reality into gaming and one needs to wonder if this is a good or bad thing?

Beyond two souls motion capture
Beyond Two Souls motion capture. Featuring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe

FIFA, movie-games, playboy mansion etc, these games are built on experiencing the lives of celebrities in the world they have created. Gaming has reached the point where it is popular and recognized throughout the world. It is no longer something every other person does. So naturally companies are going to start investing more, and we could end up seeing more celebrities grace your gaming experience. The reach celebrities have is any medium is potentially “viral”, but of course it would depend on the celebrity and how they are perceived to the rest of the world. Gaming would certainly escalate to a whole new perspective.

Maybe some of these thoughts seem ridiculous and incomprehensive at first, but let’s not forget the age of DLC is upon us. For all we know, there could be DLC for a special celeb appearance in a game. Whichever direction celebrity gaming sways too, you can be sure we’ll be there to follow!

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