League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Hearthstone playoffs!

League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Hearthstone playoffs!

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League of Legends, DOTA and Hearthstone players…get your groove on! It is that time of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) tournament…playoffs!

League of Legends playoffs are here! Rifts will be caused…ARE YOU READY?

This is a very important and stressful time for the LoL teams as this will determine whether they will be promoted to a higher division or demoted to a lower division.

Within the playoffs, all teams will have 4 weeks to play their matches. It is important to notice that there are no specific weeks that these matches need to be played. It is, however, advised that team managers schedule the matches sooner rather than later to avoid any conflicting times and disputes.

There are 2 types of playoffs:
1. Breakthrough playoffs (Open division teams fighting for their place in first division)
2. Premier playoffs (Premier and first division teams fighting for their place in premier division)

The Open division teams that made it to the breakthrough playoffs are as follows:

Group A: Group B: Group C: Group D:
FoolishKnights Draconum DRide1 =DKG=Bottom Feeders
TGG(LOL) Legion Of Bunnies PTGG ICE PsVr Relentless
Th3E Of Light OTLe-Outlast VeryTT Th3E Of Rage
NLx2 D1sc0nn3ct3d TME Golden cleaver LC/LoL SkreaM’Vortex
AIDS22 lads`MasterBaiters Legion Of Chaos Th3E Of Fear
VoVRevelate AxE`X-Plicit R:)WaitThisIsntDayZ DGFsD’s Resolve
MaDAlice’s Dystopia Dodgey LoL A[133] LoL MaDPaint Roses Red
[BISH]White SK3SxXR3ktXx [DPS]L0L MaDRed Knights
sG5 Serenity Gaming ||Ag||Revelation [FBC]BloodSweat&Beers eR`Game is Hard


You can view these teams and their progress here!

The first and premier division teams who made it to premier playoffs are:

Group A: Group B:
Monsoon [TE]GLHF
MaDRaven [BISH]Prime
CriT VorpalV
MaDWhite Knights [BISH]Black


You can view these teams and their progress here!

Please keep in mind that all matches needs to be according to the booking rules of DGL which can be found here! (Please refer to section 1.4 Scheduling).


DOTA 2…Why did Lone Druid leave the hardlane? He couldn’t bear it. (Terum tsss)

As per any playoffs…this is where the teams battle it out to either be promoted to a higher division or demoted to a lower division. In the DOTA 2 premier playoffs,the bottom teams of the premier division summer leg will take on the top teams from the first division, and there are 12 teams fighting it out for just 4 premier division spots. The pressure is on as only the top two teams from each group will move up to the premier division for the winter leg.

Meet the groups!

Group A: Group B:
VnR – Dota2 DUC!
iM’Groot BzK-Fusion-X
TEA Please V.P.fix
[]=BUD Hydra eSports NewB.Dota2
GeS.FrostByte [oBi].d2
MaDBƝB!st srs.d2


View these teams progress here!

Hearthstone…the Heroes of Warcraft blizzard card game! 

This game has made some impact in the gaming community and players are loving this game! Have a look at the premier division Hearthstone group! 


We would like to congratulate MaD Arachne for being placed third in premier division for Hearthstone! Congratulations! 

I can’t wait to see what the results will be for winter leg and the lineup for DGC in October! 

To all the players participating in DGL, we would like to wish the best of luck to everyone! Have fun and do your best! 


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