“Futterwacken” Tourney #2

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Fight for your right to Futterwack! The MaD Hatters League of Legends tournament has returned.

Calling all Summoners. The time has come to create a team and battle it out for your right to Futterwack.

Tournament Officials: (tournaments@clanmadhatters.co.za)

  • Anneke ‘MaD Zania’ Le Roux – zania@clanmadhatters.co.za
  • Raphael “MaD Afro” van Rensburg – afro@clanmadhatters.co.za

Tournament Type: 

  • Single elimination bracket.(Team higher up on bracket will start on Blue Side, and will swap to the other side after every match.)
  • Best of three.

Prizes for the tournament are dependent on the amount of entries:

16 Teams:

  • 1st Place Individuals : 1600 RP, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost.
  • 2nd Place Individuals : 1200 RP, 4-Win IP Boost.
  • 3rd Place Individuals : 800 RP, 4-Win IP Boost.
  • 4th Place Individuals : 400 RP, 4-Win IP Boost.
  • 5th to 8th Place Individuals : 4-Win IP Boost.

Only the players who took part in the winning game will earn prizes.

Game: League of Legends(EUW Server).

Map: Summoners Rift – Tournament Draft.

Period: 29th February 2016 till 3rd April 2016.


Captains are required to register their teams on BattleFy.

All players, including subs, must register on the Riot Community Event page.


Tournament FAQ

Tournament Rules

Tournament Terms & Conditions

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