Tea….cake…curtains…oohh games!!! Things we love..things we adore..things in general that contributes to our madness!!

The MaD Hatters is a South African clan, taking part in the Telkom Do Gaming League for various competitive titles such as, League of Legends, OSU!, Hearthstone etc. The clan started small, with only one team having a goal. The goal of simply competing in the DGL and expanding the skill level while at the same time maintaining a jubilant attitude towards the game and its rivals. This attitude has captivated many aspiring players, and it is the reason why the clan MaD Hatters was formed.

Players from all over South Africa are part of this unique environment that MaD Afro and I, created.

We met in late October of 2012 just after MaD Afro attended rAge and approached me with the competitive side of playing the online game, League of Legends. At first I was unsure about the whole competitive scene but after much convincing, I agreed to join his clan. We were in separate teams at the time, but as time went by, we merged 2 teams to create one and we ended up in one team, and this is where the madness started. We performed well in Leg 1 of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL), but unfortunately did not qualify for playoffs.  As Leg 2 started, MaD Afro and I left to join one of my friend’s clans, Unleash Llama where I created our own team, Leash.Thresh. Things were going well for us, getting into 1st division and being invited to the Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) in the year 2013. After the championships MaD Afro and I decided to create our own clan, MaD Hatters.

We’ve always seen ourselves as the Mad hatters tea party from the children book, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, published in 1865.  A bunch of crazy, random and fun players in one team. Soon after the creation of MaD Hatters, our clan name started spreading all over the social media platforms. Players we met in the past, old teams and friends decided to join us. The clan was created on the 3rd of January 2014 with only 9 members in the clan; today we stand on 100+ members. We are growing and we intend to continue growing because we as gamers believe that we need to step up and prove to the nation that we are committed and dedicated to our cause and that it should be paramount that teams and clans are the stepping stone for expanding gaming throughout South Africa.

From me, MaD Zania, and MaD Afro, we would like to welcome everyone to our clan! Hope you guys enjoy your visit and hope to see you all at rAge!!



Anneke “Zania” Le Roux
Founder, Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Gamer | Music addict | Cosplayer | Chocolate Lover | eSports Fan Girl | Owner and Leader of MaD Hatters.



Ray “Afro” van Rensburg
Co-Founder, Webmaster, Tournaments & VOIP Servers

I love to game, eat cake and have the occasional tea party. Oh and bacon cheese burgers are the best! Also i am co-founder and webmaster for MaD Hatters…among other things 😉 .



Rushil “Vexalon” Keshav
Human Resource, Financial & Arithmetic Strategist



Mandé “LunaMeow” du Plessis
Graphics & Counter-Strike admin



Kyle “DecyferMe” Haward



Luna “Lufae” Fae
League of Legends admin



Rob “Robdobob” Elferink
Game Servers & World of Warcraft admin