Product Spotlight | Crucial MX100 SSD | #CrucialSponsorship

Product Spotlight | Crucial MX100 SSD | #CrucialSponsorship

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When it comes to Solid State Drives knowing which brand you can trust can be a difficult choice. Crucial however have convinced many that they are the brand to trust.

Information released by Crucial states that traditionally, SSDs have offered powerful speeds and extra features, but at a high cost per gigabyte. Enter the Crucial MX100 SSD. Leveraging years of R&D and the latest NAND technology, the Crucial MX100 offers a low cost per GB, combined with unrelenting performance and one of the most complete feature sets available.

Now this all sounds like good stuff but what does that mean for us as buyers and are Crucials’ SSDs really cheaper than their competitors.  Well Joe Evans from Legit Reviews believes so:

Clearly, Crucial is attempting to price others out of the market. Since they (Crucial/Micron) manufacture their own NAND, they are able to price aggressively while still maintaining some semblance of profitability. We’ve been expecting this to happen from the ‘haves’ (those that fabricate their own NAND) and the ‘have nots’ (those needing to source the NAND). Eventually, the small player will be edged out and we’ll be left with a handful of drive makers, similar to what we saw in the hard drive space. The MX100 is very aggressively priced at $79.99, $109.99, and $224.99 for the 128GB, 256GB and 512GB drives respectively. This roughly comes out to a paltry $0.47 per usable GB which is an outstanding value especially for a drive featuring power loss protection and hardware encryption.

So the value is there, how about the performance? All in all, the performance is solid without any glaring issues. It’s not the strongest performer we’ve tested but still fared very well in our comparisons although the capacity dictated the write performance due the 128Gbit NAND and the larger drives able to leverage more of these in parallel. So reads for all top out at 550MB/s but writes range from 150MB/s to 500MB/s. This didn’t cause a large gap in performance in our real world tests but were highlighted in the synthetic tests. The best bang for the buck performance is going to come from the 256GB drive. If you can swing the extra $30 over the 128GB drive, you’ll double the capacity and more than double the write speed potential. As such, the MX100 deserves our value award!


So it seems that if you are in the market for an SSD you should be looking at Crucial as they offer reasonable prices and decent performance.

For more information go to the product homepage.


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